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Thursday, April 24th, 2014 :: 7:37 AM
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Spring 2014

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Organized by Dr. Guoqiang Tian

Seminars held on Fridays at 3:30 PM in ALLN 3125 unless otherwise indicated.

1. This is a Job Market Seminar
2. Seminar is on a Thursday
3. This Workshop is on a Thursday
4. This is a Monday Workshop

Date Time Presenter(s) Presenter Affiliation Title
10/4/2013 3:30 PM Ruben Juarez University of Hawaii "Optimal Group Strategyproof Cost Sharing"
10/18/2013 3:30 PM Siyang Xiong Rice University "The Robust Selection of Rationalizability"
10/25/2013 3:30 PM Xianwen Shi University of Toronto "Discriminatory Information Disclosure"
11/15/2013 3:30 PM Gustavo Manso University of California-Berkeley "TBA"
12/6/20131 3:30 PM Hui-Chun Peng Texas A&M University "Sequential contribution to a Discrete Public Good Under Threshold Uncertainty and Private Information"
2/14/2014 3:30 PM Rodrigo Velez Texas A&M University "Behaviorally Informed Implementation: Dissolving a Partnership"
2/20/20142 3:30 PM Guoqiang Tian Texas A&M University "Two-Agent Collusion-Proof Mechanism Design with Both Correlations and Arbitrage"
3/21/2014 3:30 PM James Schummer Kellogg School of Management "Incentives in Landing Slot Problems"
4/4/2014 3:30 PM Judd Kessler Wharton University of Pennsylvania "Getting More Organs for Transplantation"
4/17/20143 3:30 PM Dirk Engelmann University of Mannheim "Who Cares for Social Image?"
4/25/2014 3:30 PM Alvaro Sandroni Northwestern University "The Consistency of Social and Individual Choices"
4/28/20144 3:30 PM Laura Razzolini Virginia Commonwealth University "Talking, Giving, and Impure Altruism in Dictator Games"