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Fall 2014

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Organized by Dr. Jonathan Meer

Seminars held on Wednesdays at 3:00 PM in ALLN 3125 unless otherwise indicated.

1. This workshop is on a Tuesday

Date Time Presenter(s) Presenter Affiliation Title
9/10/2014 3:00 PM Ann Huff Stevens University of California Davis "Locate Your Nearest Exit: Mass Layoffs and Local Labor Market Response"
10/1/2014 3:00 PM Jeffrey Clemens University of California San Diego "The Minimum Wage and the Great Recession: Evidence of Effects on the Wage Distributions, Employment, Earnings, and Class Mobility of Low-Skilled Workers"
10/8/2014 3:00 PM Neil Gandal Tel Aviv University -Visiting University of Texas "Ain't it 'Suite Bundling in the PC Office Software Market'"
10/15/2014 3:00 PM Ben Handel University of California Berkeley "Consumer Heterogeneity and Medical Care Price Responsiveness: Evidence and implications for Optimal Insurance Design"
10/29/2014 3:00 PM Shanjun Li Cornell University "Better Lucky Than Rich? Welfare Analysis of Automobile License Allocation in Beijing and Shanghai"
11/5/2014 3:00 PM Hitoshi Shigeoka Simon Fraser University "Do Risk Preferences Change? Evidence from Panel Data Before and After the Great East Japan Earthquake"
11/19/2014 3:00 PM Jeffrey Brown University of Illinois "Procrastination, Present-Biased Preferences, and Financial Behaviors"
12/9/20141 3:00 PM Aline Butikofer Norwegian School of Economics "Long-Term Consequences of Access to Well-child Visits"
2/11/2015 3:00 PM Liran Einav Stanford university "Can Health Insurance Competition Work? Evidence from Medicare Advantage*"
2/25/2015 3:00 PM Kristen Butcher Wellesley College "Food Insecurity and the Great Recession: The role of Unemployment Duration, Credit and Housing Markets"
3/4/2015 3:00 PM Joseph Doyle MIT "Paying for Quality in US Healthcare: Where's the Waste?"
3/11/2015 3:00 PM Wojciech Kopczuk Columbia University "Stability and Persistence of Intergenerational Wealth Formation: Evidence from Danish Wealth Records of Three Generations"
4/1/2015 3:00 PM Sandra Black University of Texas @ Austin "TBA"
4/15/2015 3:00 PM Marianne Page University of California Davis "Are Recessions Good for Children's Health?"
4/22/2015 3:00 PM Francesco Decarolis Boston University "Common Agency and Coordinated Bids in Sponsored Search Auctions"
4/29/2015 3:00 PM John Giles World Bank "Migrant Opportunity and the Educational Attainment of Youth in Rural China"