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Archived Workshops

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Date Time Presenter(s) Presenter Affiliation Title
4/29/2014 3:30 PM Michael Sposi Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas "Capital Goods Trade and Economic Development"
4/8/2014 3:30 PM Luca Guerrieri Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System "Collateral Constraints and Macroeconomic Asymmetries"
4/2/20141 3:30 PM Olivier Coibion University of Texas at Austin "Does Greater Inequality Lead to More Household Borrowing? New Evidence from Household Data"
3/18/2014 3:30 PM Boragan Aruoba University of Maryland "Macroeconomic Dynamics Near the ZLB: A Tale of Two Equilibria"
2/25/2014 3:30 PM Aubhik Khan The Ohio State University "Revisiting the Tale of Two Interest Rates with Endogenous Market Segmentation"
11/18/20132 10:30 AM Alessandro Notarpietro Bank of Italy "Optimal Monetary Policy Rules and House Prices: The Role of Financial Frictions"
11/12/2013 3:30 PM Devika Hazra Texas A&M University "TBA"
10/1/2013 3:30 PM Aaron Hedlund Baylor University "The Cyclical Dynamics of Illiquid Housing, Debt and Foreclosures"
9/24/2013 3:30 PM Asli Leblebicioglu University of Texas at Dallas "The Transmission of US Shocks to Emerging Markets"
9/10/2013 3:30 PM David Papell University of Houston "(Taylor) Rules versus Discretion in U.S. Monetary Policy"
4/30/2013 3:00 PM Matthias Kehrig University of Texas at Austin "Financial Frictions and Investment Dynamics in Multi-Unit Firms"
4/16/2013 3:00 PM Nick Lei Guo Utah State University "Social Security is NOT a Substitute for Annuities"
3/26/20133 1:30 PM Ivan Kandilov University of Michigan "The Impact of Banking Deregulations on Inbound Foreign Direct Investment: Transaction-level Evidence from the United States "
3/19/2013 3:00 PM Casper de Vries University Rotterdam "The Linkage Between Large Currency Swings and Fundamentals"
3/5/20134 2:00 PM Hui Guo University of Cincinnati "Time-Varying Risk-Return Tradeoff in the Stock Market"
12/4/2012 10:30 AM Marek Kapicka University of California Santa Barbara "Optimal Taxation in a Life-Cycle Economy with Endogenous Human Capital Formation"
11/27/20125 10:30 AM Ayse Kabukcuoglu University of Texas @ Austin---Student "TBA"
11/20/2012 10:30 AM Filippo Occhino Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland "Debt Overhang in a Business Cycle Model"
10/30/2012 10:45 AM Andrew Glover The University of Texas at Austin "A Quantitative Rat Race Theory of Labor Market Dynamics"
10/2/20126 10:00 AM Juan Sanchez Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis "Why Doesn't Technology Flow from Rich to Poor Countries?"
9/27/20127 11:00 AM Zhigang Feng Purdue University "The Effect of Time-Consistent Capital Taxation on Capital Accumulation and Welfare"
4/6/20128 4:00 PM Chris Sleet Carnegie Mellon University "On the Dual Approach to Recursive Optimization"
3/29/20129 4:00 PM Devika Hazra TAMU "Impact of Monetary Policy in the Presence of Theft in a Cash-In-Advance Economy"
3/27/2012 4:00 PM Yulei Peng TAMU TBA
3/23/201210 1:30 PM Costas Arkolakis Yale University "Staggered Adjustments and Trade Dynamics"
2/21/2012 4:00 PM Sarah Zubairy Bank of Canada "On Fiscal Multipliers: Estimates from a DSGE Model"
2/7/2012 4:00 PM Ted Temze Rice University "Energy Sector Innovation and Growth: An Optimal Energy Crisis"
11/15/2011 3:30 PM Nobuhiro Kiyotaki Princeton University "Financial Crises, Bank risk Exposure and Government Financial Policy"
11/1/2011 3:30 PM B. Ravikumar Federal Reserve -St. Louis "Talent, Labor Quality and Economic Development"
10/4/2011 3:30 PM Yongsung Chang University of Rochester "Labor-Market Heterogeneity, Aggregation, and the Lucas Critique"
9/20/2011 3:30 PM Jacek Rothert UT-Austin "Productivity, Interest Rate Shocks and International Prices"
9/16/201111 3:30 PM Rosella Nicolini Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona "Location Choices by Dominant Firms: The Gorilla Sleeps Anywhere the Gorilla Wants to Sleep"
4/22/201112 11:00 AM Yuzhe Zhang University of Iowa Optimal Risk Sharing and Borrowing Constraints in A Continuous-Time Model with Limited Commitment
4/12/2011 2:30 PM Yulei Peng TAMU "Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy with Heterogeneous Agents and Nonlinear Income Taxation"
3/29/2011 2:30 PM Dietrich Vollrath University of Houston The Agricultural Basis of Comparative Development
3/8/2011 2:30 PM Dennis Jansen TAMU Asymmetric Effects of Federal Funds Rate Target Changes on Intraday Stock Returns
2/22/2011 2:30 PM Borghan Norajabad Rice University Inflation and Price Competition
2/8/2011 2:30 PM Ryo Jinnai TAMU News Shocks, Price Levels, and Monetary Policy
1/25/2011 2:30 PM Anton Cheremukhin Federal Reserve Board-Dallas Labor Matching Model: Putting the Pieces Together
11/30/2010 3:30 PM Tack Yun Federal Reserve Board Durable Goods and Persistent Recessions at the Zero Bound on Interest Rates
11/16/2010 3:30 PM Changwoo Nam TAMU Pay or Not to Pay: A Dividend-Based Asset Pricing Model
11/11/2010 3:00 PM James Hamilton University of California - San Diego The Effectiveness of Alternative Monetary Policy Tools in a Zero Lower Bound Environment
11/9/2010 3:30 PM Xu Hu TAMU Defending Against Speculative Attack When Market Opinions Diverge
11/2/201013 2:30 PM Raffaella Sadun Harvard Business School Matching Firms, Managers, and Incentives
10/19/2010 3:30 PM Eric Sims University of Notre Dame Reallocation and the Changing Nature of Economic Fluctuations
10/5/2010 3:30 PM Gaosheng Ju TAMU Asset Pricing Based on Life-Cycle Consumption and Endogenous Formation of Capital Structure
9/28/2010 3:30 PM Bruce Preston Columbia University Labor Supply Heterogeneity and Macroeconomic Co-Movement
9/21/2010 3:30 PM Jesus Bejarano TAMU Currency Choice and Optimal Monetary Policy
5/4/2010 3:00 PM Stephen Williamson Washington University-St. Louis Liquidity, Financial Intermediation, and Monetary Policy in a New Monetarist Model
4/20/2010 3:00 PM Ana Fostel George Washington University Why does Bad News Increase Volatility and Decrease Leverage?
2/25/201014 3:00 PM David Papell University of Houston Taylor Rules and the Great Inflation: Lessons from the 1970s for the Road Ahead for the Fed
2/23/2010 3:00 PM Emilio Espino Universidad Torcuato Di Tella and UT-Austin A General Equilibrium Explanation for Financial Markets Anomalies: Belief Heterogeneity Under Limited Enforceability
11/30/2009 2:30 PM Anastasia Zervou TAMU Monetary Policy and the Great Inflation: A Multi-County Time-Varying Analysis Using the Taylor Rule
11/23/2009 12:00 AM Tara Sinclair The George Washington University How Well Does "Core" CPI Capture Permanent Price Changes?
10/13/2009 12:00 AM Jianjun Miao Boston University Ambiguity, Learning, and Asset Returns
10/12/2009 2:45 PM Jacek Suda Banque de France The Stability of Macroeconomic Systems with Bayesian Learners
5/5/2009 3:30 PM Hagen Kim TAMU Macro Uncertainty and Asset Prices: A Stochastic Volatility model
4/28/2009 3:30 PM Dennis Jansen TAMU CANCELLED
4/21/2009 3:30 PM Juan-Carlos Cordoba Rice University CANCELLED
4/14/2009 3:30 PM Burhan Kuruscu University of Texas at Austin Taxation of Human Capital and Cross-Country Trends in Wage Inequality
4/7/2009 3:30 PM Paula Hernandez-Verme TAMU Multiple Reserve Requirements, Exchange Rates, Sudden Stops and Equilibrium Dynamics in a Small Open Economy
3/31/2009 3:30 PM Anna Kormilitsina Southern Methodist University Oil Price Shocks and the Optimality of Monetary Policy
11/25/2008 3:30 PM Marina Azzimonti University of Texas On the Case for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
11/18/2008 3:30 PM Giorgio Primiceri Northwestern University Learning the Wealth of Nations
10/28/2008 3:30 PM Hugo Hopenhayn UCLA Knowledge, Diffusion and Reallocation
10/21/2008 3:30 PM Joe Haslag University of Missouri Production, Hidden Action, and the Payment System
10/14/2008 3:30 PM Michael Gallmeyer Texas A&M University- Mays School of Business Term Premium Dynamics and the Taylor Rule
10/7/2008 3:30 PM Julia Thomas Ohio State University Breaking the New Keynesian Dichotomy: Asset Market Segmentation and the Monetary Transmission Mechanism
9/30/2008 3:30 PM Ted Temzelides Rice University Liquidity and Optimal Incentives for Settling Financial Trades
5/6/2008 3:30 PM Nathan Nunn Harvard University The Boundaries of the Multinational Firm: An Empirical Analysis
4/29/2008 3:30 PM Adriana Kugler University of Houston Trade Reforms and Market Selection: Evidence from Manufacturing Plants in Colombia
4/22/2008 3:30 PM Wankeun Oh Hankuk University and TAMU The Effects of Financial Development and Growth Opportunities on Industrial Growth in Korea
4/15/2008 3:30 PM Borghan Narajabad Rice University Information Technology and the Rise of Household Bankruptcy
4/1/2008 3:30 PM Paula Hernandez-Verme TAMU Default and Fragility in the Payment System
3/25/2008 3:30 PM Thomas Cosimano University of Notre Dame Continuous Time One-Dimensional Asset Pricing Models with Analytic Price-Dividend Functions
3/18/2008 3:30 PM Karthik Muralidharan Harvard University Teacher Performance Pay: Experimental Evidence from India
3/7/2008 9:30 AM Russell Cooper University of Texas Spillovers of Regional Fiscal Policies