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Undergraduate Advising

Sarah Ura - Senior Academic Advisor II
Phone: (979) 845-9953
Office: 3035
Roy Mitchell - Senior Academic Advisor II
Phone: (979) 862-8081
Office: 3035
Josh Allen - Academic Advisor I
Phone: (979) 845-2186
Office: 3035
Majors: Monday-Friday 9:00-11:30AM; Monday-Thursday 1:30-4:30PM
Non-majors (minors, change of curriculum, etc.): Monday-Thursday 9:00-11:30
Prospective Students: appointment only

When you have any questions or concerns regarding your degree plan, scheduling, internships, studying abroad, or graduation, come into the Economics Department to meet with an academic advisor. Our advisors are here to help guide you through your academic career, and equip you with all the resources you need to achieve a balanced education at Texas A&M. Walk in during advising hours or schedule an appointment when life gets busy.

Application Forms

Portable Document Format (PDF) Application for Transfer into Economics

Application for Business-Economics Certificate (BEC)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How can I contact an advisor?

2. Do I need to make an appointment to see an advisor?

We accept walk-ins only during hours listed above.

3. Where is the advising office located?

The third floor (Floor Map) of the Allen Building (Campus Map). Come to the main office and sign-in at the front desk.

4. What are the requirements to transfer into the Economics department?

Internal Transfers (from within A&M):

  • 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • Completed ECON 202 and 203 with C or better AND 3.0 ECON GPA
  • Completed MATH 141 and 142 (or higher) with C or better AND 2.5 Math GPA
  • 90 hours or fewer
  • External Transfer (from an outside institution):

  • 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Completed ECON 202 and 203 with C or better AND 3.0 Econ GPA
  • Completed MATH 141 (TCCNS MATH 1324) and 142 (TCCNS MATH 1325) (or higher) with C or better AND 2.5 Math GPA

5. How do I change my major to Economics (currently an A&M student)?

Fill out a Change of Curriculum form, bring it to the third floor of the Allen Building and talk to an advisor.

6. How do I switch from a B.S. to a B.A. or vice versa?

You should discuss the change with an advisor to understand how this change will affect your course of study. An advisor can assist you in determining whether the switch fits with your goals and implement the switch for you if necessary.

7. How do I declare or get rid of a minor?

You may add a minor before 90 hours are completed and delete a minor at any point before graduation. Contact an advisor to process your request.

8. How do I know what classes to take each semester?

Check your degree evaluation, which can be found at the Howdy Portal.

9. How can I get "forced" into a class in the Economics department?

Forces will only be granted to graduating seniors when space allows. Send your request to the Senior Academic Advisor, Sarah Ura, at her email that can be found above.

10. How can I get "forced" into a class in another department on campus?

You must contact that department.

11. Who processes Q-drops?

Either Undergraduate Advisor can process q-drops. Please complete the Q-Drop Request Form prior to meeting with an advisor.

12. How do I apply for graduation?

Go to the Howdy Portal. Under the 'MyRecord' tab, select the 'Application for Graduation' link in the Degree Evaluation channel.

13. What is the Residency Requirement?

University regulations require that every student must complete 36 hours of 300-400 level coursework in residence at Texas A&M to complete a baccalaureate degree; 12 of those hours must be in the major.

14. How does pre-registration work?

Go to the Howdy Portal, click the tab for the current semester, click on 'Registration' and your sign-up time will be listed. During your assigned registration period, you may register for a maximum of 17 hours for the fall and spring semesters and 6 hours for each summer term. If you miss or do not complete your pre-registration during your assigned 48 hours, you will have to wait for open registration.

See the Registration Schedule.

For more questions, visit the Undergraduate Program FAQ.