Ryo Jinnai
Assistant Professor

Texas A&M University
Department of Economics

979 845 7380

Monetary Economics



R&D Shocks and News Shocks, forthcoming to Journal of Money, Credit and Banking

News Shocks and Inflation, Economics Letters, 119, 2013, 176-179

Optimal Inattentive Length in Macroeconomic Models, Economics Letters, 95, 2007, 174-179

Under Review

Liquidity, Trends, and the Great Recession (with Pablo Guerron-Quintana), R&R at the American Economic Review

Innovation, Product Cycle, and Asset Prices, resubmitted after minor revision to Review of Economic Dynamics

R&D Shocks, News Shocks, and Price Levels

Work in Progress/Revising

Investment Shocks, Capacity Utilization, and Endogenous Entries

Liquidity Shocks and Stock Market Boom-Bust Cycles (with Pablo Guerron-Quintana)

Liquidity, Trends, and Multipliers (with Pablo Guerron-Quintana)

Optimal Monetary Policy with Endogenous Inattention

Teaching in Fall 2014

Econ 410