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Ph.D. Job Market Candidates

Placement Co-Directors: Daniel Fragiadakis, Phone: (979)-862-4410, Email:
Haeshin Hwang, Phone: (979) 845-7301, Email:

Jillian Beaugez Carr
Carr, Jillian Beaugez — Homepage

Phone: (281) 702-1824

Fields of Concentration: Applied Microeconomics, Public Economics, Economics of Crime

Job Market Paper: The Effect of Housing Vouchers on Crime: Evidence from a Lottery

Advisor(s): Mark Hoekstra
Won Gi Kim
Kim, Won Gi — Homepage

Phone: (979) 492-5503

Fields of Concentration: Macroecnomics, Empirical economics, International economics

Job Market Paper: Government spending multipliers and public indebtedness: an empirical investigation for the US

Advisor(s): Ryo Jinnai
Wei Long
Long, Wei — Homepage

Phone: (347) 972-7045

Fields of Concentration: Econometrics, Financial Econometrics and Applied Econometrics

Job Market Paper: Detecting Financial Data Dependent Structure by Averaging Mixture Copula (with Xinyu Zhang)

Advisor(s): Qi Li
Gonzalo Eduardo Sanchez
Sanchez, Gonzalo Eduardo — Homepage

Phone: (979) 997 6014

Fields of Concentration: Public Economics, Applied Econometrics, Experimental

Job Market Paper: The Impact of Low-Cost Intervention on Tax Compliance: Regression Discontinuity Evidence

Advisor(s): Mark Hoekstra
Ajalavat Viriyavipart
Viriyavipart, Ajalavat — Homepage

Phone: (979) 676-3967

Fields of Concentration: Experimental Economics, Game Theory, Industrial Organization

Job Market Paper: When Less Information is Good Enough: Experiments with Global Stag Hunt Games

Advisor(s): Alex Brown and Catherine Eckel
Xi Zhao
Zhao, Xi — Homepage

Phone: (979) 739-1225

Fields of Concentration: Applied Microeconomics, Econometrics, Real Estate Economics

Job Market Paper: When Seller's Agent Meet a Buyer: Evidence on Principal-Agent Problems from Dallas Housing Market

Advisor(s): Li Gan and Qi Li
Cheng Zhou
Zhou, Cheng — Homepage

Phone: (979) 587-1176

Fields of Concentration: Applied Macroeconomics, Empirical Finance, Economic Forecasting

Job Market Paper: The State-Dependent Effects of Monetary Policy on Asset Prices: Risk Premium and Bubbles

Advisor(s): Dennis W. Jansen