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Ph.D. Job Market Candidates

Placement Co-Directors: Dr. Jason Lindo, Phone: (979) 845-1363, Email:
Dr. Haeshin Hwang, Phone: (979) 845-1363, Email:

Cheng Cheng
Cheng, Cheng — Homepage


Fields of Concentration: Health Economics, Public Economics, Labor Economics

Job Market Paper: Do Cell Phone Bans Change Driver Behavior?

Advisor(s): Mark Hoekstra
Carl David August Green
Green, Carl David August — Homepage

Phone: (281) 349-3708

Fields of Concentration: Econometrics, Applied Econometrics

Job Market Paper: Varying-Coefficient Single-Index Models under Endogeneity: Theory with Application

Advisor(s): Qi Li and Li Gan
Devika Hazra
Hazra, Devika — Homepage


Fields of Concentration: Macroeconomic Policies, Monetary Policy

Job Market Paper: Impact of Monetary Policy in the Presence of Theft

Advisor(s): Dennis Jansen
Hui-Chun Peng
Peng, Hui-Chun — Homepage

Phone: (979) 739-1780

Fields of Concentration: Public Economics, Applied Microeconomic Theory, Experimental Economics

Job Market Paper: Sequential Contribution to a Discrete Public Good under Threshold Uncertainty and Private Information

Advisor(s): Timothy J. Gronberg
Xin Tang
Tang, Xin — Homepage

Phone: (979) 571-7782

Fields of Concentration: Industrial Organization, Energy Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Job Market Paper: Estimation of Search Cost in Texas Electricity Market

Advisor(s): Steve Puller
Xiaoyuan Wang
Wang, Xiaoyuan — Homepage

Phone: (979) 571-9997

Fields of Concentration: Industrial Organization and Behavioral Economics

Job Market Paper: Does Brand Diversity Matter to Consumers?

Advisor(s): Steven Wiggins and Steve Puller
Jacob Forrest Williams
Williams, Jacob Forrest — Homepage


Fields of Concentration: Public Economics, Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics, and Charitable Giving

Job Market Paper: Debt and (Future) Taxes: Financing Intergenerational Public Goods

Advisor(s): Alexander L. Brown and Jonathan Meer
Xi Wu
Wu, Xi — Homepage

Phone: (979) 209-4514

Fields of Concentration: Applied Microeconomics, Health Economics, Public Economics, Econometrics

Job Market Paper: Multiple Dimensions of Private Information in Life Insurance Markets

Advisor(s): Li Gan
Jui-Chung Yang
Yang, Jui-Chung — Homepage

Phone: (979) 739-1484

Fields of Concentration: Econometric theory, macroeconometrics, nonparametric econometrics and time series analysis

Job Market Paper: Estimation and inference under weak identification and persistence: An application on forecast-based monetary policy reaction function

Advisor(s): Ke-Li Xu (Chair) and Qi Li (Co-Chair)
Shuang Yao
Yao, Shuang — Homepage

Phone: (979) 739-5069

Fields of Concentration: Econometrics, Applied Econometrics

Job Market Paper: Optimal Smoothing Parameters Selection in Single Index Model Derivative Estimations

Advisor(s): Qi Li (chair) and Ke-Li Xu (co-chair)
Jian-Da Zhu
Zhu, Jian-Da — Homepage

Phone: (979) 739-1953

Fields of Concentration: Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics, Econometrics

Job Market Paper: Effect of Resale on Optimal Ticket Pricing: Evidence from Major League Baseball Tickets

Advisor(s): Steve Puller, Stephanie Houghton