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Amy Glass


Associate Professor
International Economics 
(Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1993) 

Office Address:
ALLN 3062

Contact Information:
Office Phone: (979) 845-8507

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Professor Amy Glass received her Ph.D. in 1993 from University of Pennsylvania. She joined the Department of Economics at Texas A&M University in 2001. Her area of specialization is International Trade.


"Product Cycles and Market Penetration," International Economic Review, 1997.

"International Technology Transfer and the Technology Gap" (with Kamal Saggi), Journal of Development Economics, 1998.

"FDI Policies under Shared Factor Markets" (with Kamal Saggi), Journal of International Economics, 1999.

"Intellectual Property Rights and Foreign Direct Investment" (with Kamal Saggi), Journal of International Economics, 2002.