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Web Accounts

on http://econweb.tamu.edu/

Revised: 1/20/2011

Some Sections may be unfinished or not yet available.

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Web Space Account Setup

Please contact the Webmaster to request a new web account on http://econweb.tamu.edu/. It is preferred that you use your '@econmail.tamu.edu' address when contacting us so that we can verify your departmental computing account.

Please include the name you wish to have for your account in the request. Your web address (URL) will be:

http://econweb.tamu.edu/(name), where (name) is replaced with the username requested.

When your web space account is first created, you will need to go to https://econweb.tamu.edu:20000/ (the Web Account Management Login page; on-campus, or off-campus using a VPN client) and set a new password under 'Change Password' using your temporary password from the account setup e-mail reply message (see How to: Change Password).

An e-mail forwarding address has already been set up for your account to receive important system notifications. If you need to change the address, do so under 'E-mail Notification Forward Address' (see How to: Set an E-mail Forwarding Address). If your forwarding address is not correct, you will not be notified when your password will expire or when you have reached your disk space quota.

Web Account Details

When you first log in using your web account credentials, you will see a folder called 'public_html'. All files and folders under your 'home/public_html' folder are visible to the public, unless you specifically deny access using .htaccess/.htpasswd files (see Protect web directories under your 'public_html' folder with a password below for details). Your 'public_html' folder should be the only directory that you need to make changes in, and your web account may be blocked or impaired if you modify or delete existing files outside of the 'public_html' folder. There is a disk space limitation (quota); a maximum of 2 GB (2 gigabytes) of web space storage is allocated per account.

The control panel at https://econweb.tamu.edu:20000/ allows you to make some changes to your web space account, including:

  • Change account password (see How to: Change Password)
  • Change user details
  • View web space disk quota usage
  • Set up an e-mail forward notification address (required to receive password expiration and quota usage notices*; see How to: Set an E-mail Forwarding Address)
  • Protect web directories under your 'public_html' folder with a password (see How to: Protect a Web Folder with a Password)

*You will only receive quota usage notifications/warnings when your web account usage is over 90% (> 1.8 GB). You will not be allowed to create or modify files if you reach your maximum web space quota. Passwords expire every 180 days and notifications are sent starting 14 days prior to your password expiration date. Accounts will be locked if a new password is not set before the password expiration date. Please contact the Webmaster if your web account has been locked to request a new temporary password. Web accounts that are more than 90 days past expiration will be removed from the web server, including all associated data.

Connecting to your Web Space Account

For more information on connecting via any of the following methods, click the 'Set up' link for the corresponding method.

Connecting from On-Campus

SFTP (Preferred method):

The secure file transfer protocol is the best method to allow you to upload files to your web space account. It encrypts your traffic over the web and makes it harder for attackers to gain access to your data. In addition, you do not need to use a VPN client when connecting via SFTP off-campus. The following settings apply when connecting via SFTP:

Server: sftp://econweb.tamu.edu
Host name: econweb.tamu.edu
Port number: 22 (TCP)

Mapped Network Drive (Windows file sharing/mapped network drive in Windows):

  • see Mapping a Network Drive in Windows

You may choose to map a network drive to your web space. This will allow you to access your web files as if they were located on a physical drive on your machine using Windows Explorer, including the ability to view web space quota usage in the Windows file browser*. This method is not set up by default when your web account is created. Please contact the Webmaster to request access via a mapped network drive in Windows.

*There might be an initial delay of up to a minute when accessing your mapped network drive after rebooting or a long period of inactivity. Subsequent access should be immediate.

FTP (Not recommended but supported):

The file transfer protocol is widely supported but does not encrypt traffic over the network, potentially allowing others to view your data as it travels across the network. It is available for access to your web space primarily for compatibility with Microsoft FrontPage 2002/2003 (and Microsoft Expression Web, versions 2 and earlier), which do not support access via SFTP. Microsoft Expression Web version 3 and newer support SFTP (see above), so it is recommended to use Expression Web 3 or equivalent current web editor when accessing your web space. The following settings apply when connecting via FTP:

Server: ftp://econweb.tamu.edu
Host name: econweb.tamu.edu
Port number: 21 (TCP)

Connecting from Off-Campus

The Secure FTP (SFTP) can be used to connect to your web space account from off-campus locations without the need for a VPN client. See information above on connecting via SFTP.

Note: Any method that works on-campus will also work off-campus when connected using a VPN client to connect to the campus VPN server.

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